Sinus Table of Contents

Acupressure for Sinus
Applying acupressure to the sinus pressure points relieves congestion as well as a chronic sinus headache within seconds - without the use of chemicals.

Acute Sinusitis
What causes an acute sinusitis Infection? What is the connection between the common cold and sinus a sinus headache?

Allergic Fungal Sinusitis
The symptoms of chronic sinusitis are almost identical to those of allergic fungal disease. As a result, misdiagnosis is fairly common. This means that many people who have been under long-term treatment for sinus infection, never had the disease in the first place.

Invasive fungal Sinusitis
Although invasive fungal sinus is a rare disease, you need to be aware if its dangers. Why? Because it has a mortality rate of over 50%.

Mangosteen for Sinus Problems
Sinus sufferers rejoice! It has taken hundreds of years for this “Queen of Fruits” to become known and embraced throughout the Unites States and Europe as a natural sinus remedy… and its popularity is spreading like wildfire. Why? Because it works!

Pay it Forward
We invite you to Pay it forward and help your fellow sufferers by sharing your home remedy stories, questions, triumphs and failures with the world.

Natural Sinus Remedies
The importance of drug free natural sinus remedies cannot be overstressed. Pharmaceutical medications have their place, however, many result in unwelcome and sometimes dangerous side effects. Apart from that, they are expensive when compared to natural remedies.

Relieving Sinus Headaches
Before treating your sinus headaches, you must first realize that clearing up the headache on its own, will do nothing to treat the underlying disease.

Sinus Cancer
Sinus Cancer: Nearly everyone on the planet suffers from sinusitis; some occasionally and others frequently… however, the good news is that paranasal sinus and nasal cavity cancers are extremely rare.

Sinus Flush
Nasal irrigation has been practiced in India for centuries as one of the disciplines of yoga. There are no harmful side effects, and what’s more important, using sinus irrigation systems can be of enormous benefit to the acute sinus sufferer.

Sinus Headache Symptoms
Sinus headache symptoms can be misleading. Part of the reason is that a number of symptoms overlap those of a migraine or tension headaches. learn how to tell the difference...

Sinus Infection
You have a common cold, but after a week of dosing yourself, you've got a fever and you feel achy and miserable. On top of that, your head feels as if it's about to explode - and to cap it all, you can’t breathe through your nose, your cheeks feel tender and there’s a dull, aching throb in your upper jaw and teeth.

Sinus Infection Home Remedies
There are thousands of sinus infection home remedies out there - a Google search produces over 2.9 million hits ranging from bizarre Snake Oil potions to practical tried and tested solutions.

Nasal Polyps
First of all, sinus polyps (sometimes called sinus cysts) are not cancerous growths. In fact, they have nothing to do with sinus cancer. Nasal polyps are teardrop-shaped growths or swollen tissue that appear on the mucous membrane covering the surface of nasal passages and sinuses.

Sinus Symptoms
Always consult your doctor before embarking on your own sinus infection home treatment. Before shopping for remedies, be aware that the pharmaceutical giants have succeeded in getting FDA approval on several questionable OTC (over the counter) sinus medications.

Sinus Toothache
It's hard to tell the difference between a sinus toothache and a dental toothache, even for qualified dentist. However there are a couple of subtle differences... 


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