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This page is dedicated to Home Remedy resources and links related to the finest and most pertinent home remedy solutions we could find.

You’ll also discover a growing list of both alternative and traditional medical info that may help you in your quest for relief.

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Acid Reflux disease and GERD

Science Daily
Read Lauren Gerson, MD's report that explodes many acid reflux dietary myths and old wives tales.

Torax Medical, Inc. and LINX™
Torax Medical Inc. of Albany, GA announced an exciting medical breakthrough called 'Linx' Technology that will probably make the Nissen Fundoplication procedure obsolete.

Rx List
This disturbing study into the long-term side effects of Nexium is a "Must Read" for GERD sufferers.





The long overdue cure for herpes.
At Last! Now a complete CURE for Genital Herpes available for the first time? A scientific and clinically proven therapy that attacks all viral DNA at its source and eliminates it from the body. Instead of just treating and suppressing the symptoms.


Other home remedies

Natural Remedies for Better Health
Natural remedies have gained respect and popularity in the last ten years, especially in the last few years with the down turn in our economy. Herbal and home remedies are safer and definitely cheaper to use than synthetic drugs.


Miscellaneous Information

Doorway to Discovery
This website tells you all about the dangers of aspartame, the active ingredient of most popular sweetener and diet colas.

Kangen Water
If you want to live a happier, healthier life, download this free e-book "Change Your Water, Change Your Life". Click on the link at the lower right-hand corner of the Web page.

Level10s Alternative Sites - Level10s is a human edited website directory of qualified sites.

Directory World Directory World is another human edited website that we can recommend.

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