Alkaline Diet 3
"How To Detox Your Body"

(Continued from Alkaline Diet 2) Applying the alkaline diet 3 method helps to maintain your ideal bodily pH balance. However, planning and foresight is required if you’re on a tight schedule.

To give yourself a jump start towards getting rid of the unprocessed acid waste stored in the body fat around your buttocks, belly and thighs, your first priority is to detox your body.

The Ideal Detox Method

Eliminate cola. It has a pH of 2.5 - That’s 50,000 times more acidic than neutral water, so you might just as well try drinking battery acid instead – you’d need 32 glasses of neutral water to counteract the acidity in a single glass of beer or cola. Double that if it contains Aspartame (opens a new page).

Speaking of Aspartame, despite recent warnings, many people don’t realize that this stuff is a deadly poison and vicious acidifier. If you use a sweetener, read the label and make sure that it's aspartame free.

Go on one of the popular detox diets for two or three days to balance your alkaline diet.

My favorite is the “watermelon method.” They taste great and eating watermelons for a few days enhances the overall effectiveness of your new alkaline diet. 

Here’s a video you might find helpful:

And if this doesn’t suit you, there are some highly effective methods outlined in the "How the Alkaline Diet Works" Website link on the Acid Alkaline Diet page.

As a healthy maintenance measure, consider repeating your chosen detox diet every second or third month.

Maintain an alkaline diet by using your charts and recipes, and keep drinking 6 to 8 glasses of alkaline water every day; you’ll soon notice the absence of herpes and cold sore outbreaks – and as an added bonus, your tape measure and bathroom scale will become your friends instead of your enemies. 


Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is a must – it goes hand in glove with the alkaline diet 3. 

Check the pH of your tap water. If it’s over seven, get an activated charcoal filter and bottle the water for daily use.

Better still; go on a hunt for a suitable brand of bottled water (the pH factor should be printed on the back). Keep the manufacturer honest by using a swimming pool pH kit or litmus paper to test the product, and stick to a brand that has a pH of eight or higher.

The Ideal Answer?

Make one of the most important investments of your life and get a good Alkalizing Water Purifier.

I personally got the detox part of alkaline diet 3 rolling by spending $65 on a portable alkaline water ionizer pitcher from eBay. Although the water was delicious and the pitcher worked well, the ionizing action was not fast enough to keep up with the family’s escalating demands. 

Within a month I was astounded by my wife’s weight loss and the family’s well-being, so I said, “What the hell,” and invested $895 on a real machine that could keep up with our demands. 

Since we were a small family hooked on RV life and camping, I chose a portable 4-plate unit capable of producing water ranging from an alkaline pH level of 10.1 up to an acidic level of 3.5 (used for sterilizing countertops and utensils, together with other applications).

We cooked with the stuff, enjoyed fantastic coffee and fired Starbucks – and although it was mid-winter, no-one came down with the sniffles during the trial period, and no one’s been sick or had a cold sore since day one. 

My partner and teenage daughter found out how to produce acidic water with the gadget, and both she and the daughter use it to improve their skin tone, shampoo their hair, and wash their undies!

Since we adopted our alkaline diet and began enjoying alkaline water, we’ve never looked back…

(More product details on another page).

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