Oxygen Therapy 
"Is This a Cure For Herpes?"

This article explains why herpes cannot survive in an oxygen-rich environment. Unfortunately, developing a herpes cure with oxygen therapy, additives, and infusion, is theoretically impossible.

And then I’ll tell you how a motivated housewife and herpes sufferer claims to have overcome this road-block by researching and replicated the results achieved by a 20th century Nobel Prize laureate…

However, before she published her finding, “Big Pharma” succeeded in discrediting and burying the original Nobel Prizewinner’s research, thereby depriving the Western world of a way of defeating the herpes simplex virus.


Why the HSV Virus Hates Oxygen
And Why Oxygen therapy is a Scam

Because anaerobic viruses cannot reproduce in an oxygen rich cellular environment, one would think that the herpes simplex virus could be suppressed via oxygen therapy.

Unfortunately this is not as easy as it looks, and here's why:

  • The primary function of the lungs is to oxygenate red blood cells
  • Inhaled oxygen is taken up by red cell hemoglobin, thereby boosting the oxygen content of arterial blood to 98% (that’s why it looks so red)
  • While circulating, arterial blood gives up about 25% of its oxygen content when passing through bodily tissue
  • Sadly, only a tiny proportion of these oxygen atoms actually penetrate down to cellular level where the herpes virus is able to survive and replicate -- the balance is used for waste disposal and tissue repair
  • As a result, the hemoglobin of venous blood leaving the tissues turns into a muddy reddish-brownish color, because it’s relatively oxygen-poor.

If extra oxygen is infused by other means such as high-pressure hyperbaric therapy or via oral supplements, it does not work!

Added oxygen simply bypasses bodily tissue and finally gets absorbed back into the venous blood returning to the lungs.

This means that when venous blood arrives back at the lungs, it carries more oxygen than it usually does. Nevertheless, this doesn't matter, because venous blood can only hold so much.

Once the oxygen level in the red cell hemoglobin reaches 98% during lung function, the excess oxygen is lost; it’s simply exhaled back into the atmosphere.

This makes it virtually impossible for extra infusion to increase the amount of oxygen carried to the tissues at cellular level. (see DMSO "Is this a Herpes Cure?")

That is, up till now…


 This Lady Claims she Found a Way to Increase the Oxygen Content of Human Cells

  • Since oxygen depletion at cellular level is exacerbated under acidic conditions, one way of boosting cellular oxygen is to alkalize the body.
  • The other way is to consider using this lady’s methods. Apparently she's found a way of boosting cellular oxygen absorption with a simple home-made recipe.


The motivated long-time herpes victim mentioned above (who just happened to be a talented homeopathic researcher) claims to have done just that.

I recently came across her e-book via twitter. I also noticed that news of a possible herpes cure was beginning to gain media attention.

However, knowing the obstacles facing researchers attempting to cure herpes by oxygenating human cells with oxygen therapy, I almost passed the book by.

Nevertheless, because I am obligated to bring relevant information to my website visitors, I downloaded the book and handed it to Kimberly, my herpes expert.

Kimberly, studied the book and tried Ms. Freeman’s methods on a cold sore.

The result? It seemed to work to a degree, but she couldn't swear to it. As a final test, she's waiting patiently for another of her mild bi-annual outbreaks to occur. Instead of using her normal suppressive medication to send it packing, she's going to try Ms. Freeman's method on a HSV-2 lesion. If it works for her, she'll spread the word among the hundreds of fellow sufferers in her support group and wait for feedback.


If you haven't alkalized your system yet, you may want to try it. If so, you can, download the book here – or bypass the offer. The choice is yours...

Incidentally, if you do buy the e-book, as stated on the home page, it comes with a no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee, so you can throw it back if it doesn't work for you.

P.S. One of Kimberly's friends from her support group is over the moon about another well-known publication. As a result, we've funded a dozen copies so that Kimberly and her group can test the new supposed "foolproof" method. 

We'll keep you posted.

Live long and Prosper!



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