DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide)
"Is This a Herpes Cure?"

Many websites tout DMSO as the "be-all and end-all" herpes cure. This may be partially true, but is it safe?

Most pathogens, including the herpes virus are anaerobic. This means that they cannot reproduce in an oxygen rich environment.

Scientist have established three relevant points.

When applied directly to the infected area.

  1. It has the ability to penetrate skin barriers, traverse the body and permeate the human cell

  2. It is an oxygen bearing substance

  3. If correctly applied, pharmaceutical grade Dimethyl Sulfoxide will suppress the herpes virus during an outbreak

However, the terms "pharmaceutical grade" and "correctly applied" carry serious ramifications...


What is Dimethyl Sulfoxide?

Dimethyl Sulfoxide is an industrial strength solvent and paint stripper derived from wood pulp.

To put it mildly, this chemical has stirred up a hornet’s nest of controversy.


Because there are some very real dangers associated with its incorrect usage, that’s why!

Although Dimethyl Sulfoxide has not received FDA approval, it does have medical uses.

Because of its small molecular structure, together with its amazing solvent properties and its ability to penetrate the skin, doctors are combining it with other medical substances and using it as a carrier in the treatment of a bladder disease called interstitial cystitis.

Apart from destroying pathogens in vivo, it has also proved to be an effective treatment for strained muscles and ligaments. Consequently, with pharmaceutical grade Dimethyl Sulfoxide and proper handling, it is sometimes used in sports medicine.

In addition, with the same restrictions, it is also used in a specialized veterinary application as a liniment to treat thoroughbred racehorses for strained muscles and ligaments.


Why is DMSO Dangerous?

Dimethyl Sulfoxide instantaneously absorbs any chemical it touches; therefore, if contaminated, it will carry foreign substances directly into the cellular structure.

Minute traces of detergents, insecticides or carbolic solutions may cling to the hands, or even to the surface of rubber gloves; therefore, if DMSO is contaminated with toxic foreign substances or household chemicals, it could cause serious complications and even death.

I repeat: to eliminate the possibility of contamination, only 99,99% pure pharmacy grade Dimethyl Sulfoxide is used in one specialized medical treatment .

Consequently, if the topical ointment sold by quack medicine sites is not handled correctly, or if it consist of cheaper industrial grade DMSO with a purity of 98%, it is either contaminated during processing, or the remaining 2% of the impure product consists of outside contaminants. 


Aerobic Oxygen

If you run a Google search, you will get over 670,000 hits for "Aerobic Oxygen."

Many of these websites tout oxygenated drops to treat drinking water as a means of increasing cellular oxygen. In fact, most of them claim that their product will make the entire body’s inner terrain hostile territory for pathogens.

If only this were true…

Whether extra oxygen is ingested orally via food grade hydrogen peroxide, or infused via high-pressure hyperbaric therapy, it is scientifically impossible for any added oxygen to penetrate down to cellular level.

Do not waste your money on these remedies -- they are all scams.

For a full explanation, go to the Oxygen Therapy page.

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