Why we Built This Site

Hi. My name is Ian, I'm the Home Remedy Site Webmaster.

Like many others, tough economic times prompted me to haunt the Internet, looking for an honest legitimate way to supplement my upcoming retirement.

All I can say is that those Get-Rich-Quick "Gurus" must have seen me coming. Their glittering promises of easy riches mesmerized me, and it didn’t take them long to plunder my nest egg.

Shortly afterwards I read a book on Internet marketing. It looked promising, so I cast around for a suitable web hosting company and dove right in.

What a mess!

To start with, I tried selling stuff, but after six months of zero traffic, I knew that unless I could attract some visitors to the site, I had wasted time and money on yet another misguided idea.

The only way to pump life into the project was to buy a bunch of expensive tools and add-ons and then spend a bundle on hiring a professional SEO (search engine optimization) expert, backed by costly pay per click advertising.

I then did a search for alternative ideas and downloaded a free Ebook entitled “Make Your Content Presell” by Ken Evoy.

What an eye-opener!

The first thing I learned was to base your site on something that you were passionate about.

The second thing was to forget about trying to sell stuff. Give your knowledge away and either let advertising revenue and affiliate income take care of the rest, or ask for donations from satisfied visitors.

For better or worse, I chose the second option.

That way I wouldn't alienate readers by cluttering the site with annoying advertising or self-serving affiliate links.

And it's beginning to work.

We're not raking in the money by any means, but most months we manage to meet hosting and site maintenance costs, and even pay our Remedy-buster team's research expenses when there's a little left over.

But getting back to the story. I still couldn’t decide on a niche that excited me.

That is, until I had a near fatal heart attack!

Later, lying in the ICU after angioplasty and a couple of stents (little spring loaded devices designed to keep the arteries open), I reviewed my past.

Ever since seeing a movie called “Pay It Forward,” starring Kevin Spacey and Haley Joel Osment, my goal had been to do something worthwhile and leave this planet better off than when I landed here.

My revised attitude made a huge difference. I started enjoying life by going into stealth mode every day and performing little random acts of kindness – or at the very least, perking up a strangers day by giving them a happy smile.

Then an idea hit me!

I sat bolt upright in the predawn darkness and looked around the silent ICU and the ghostly figures of my fellow sufferers for the first time.

What if I paid it forward by by writing about my own experiences and helping other potential heart attack victims avoid the mistakes I made?

It was a thrilling idea, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the 'heart attack' niche on its own was probably too narrow.

But what about the millions of unrelated sufferers out there?

A person walking the floor at 3:00am with his head about to explode from a debilitating sinus attack needed help. He probably felt like ramming a vacuum cleaner up his nose and sucking everything out, brains and all!

The poor soul plagued by acid reflux and crippled by never-ending bouts of indigestion and heartburn?

The unfortunate herpes victim? A social outcast either cut off from intimate contact with the opposite sex or perhaps a married person on the brink of losing his or her beloved spouse and family.

What about the hormone-ridden teen-ager with a faceful of zits? Been there, done that!

The possibilities were endless...

After full recovery, I abandoned the original website and switched hosting to an outfit that provided all the  tools, training and advice I needed to succeed.

I then spent months haunting various health forums, looking for like-minded, passionately dedicated men and women willing to help build this site.

And the rest is history. 


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