Relieving Sinus Headaches

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Relieving Sinus Headaches - Overview

Before going into details on relieving sinus headaches, one should first realize that clearing up the headache on its own, does not treat the underlying disease.

The dangers were graphically illustrated in a case described by Howard D. Kurland, M.D in his book “Quick Headache Relief Without Drugs”

Doctor Kurland describes meeting a woman who had been given regular acupuncture treatment for sinus headaches. The treatment worked so well, that she was convinced she had the disease under control.

She stopped seeing her doctor and lived virtually symptom-free for years… That is until an alert physician discovered that the disease had progressed to a life-threatening point.

Her bacterial sinus infection had almost completely eroded the sinus bone and was rapidly making its way to her brain.

Timely emergency neurosurgery and antibiotics saved this woman’s life.

Please do not underestimate the dangers associated with sinusitis. See your health care provider every time you experience a sinus attack or think you have a sinus headache.


Each type if headache requires specific treatment. For instance if you treat a migraine with sinus medication, your migraine will go ballistic.

Sinus headaches are notoriously difficult to diagnose. In fact, only trained professionals are qualified to make an accurate diagnosis (see the topic under sinus headache symptoms), and then prescribe the proper medication for relieving sinus headaches.


Sinus Headache treatment

  • Painkillers such as paracetamol (or acetaminophen), ibuprofen and aspirin help to ease the pain.

  • Mangosteen. The juice of this Superfruit helps your body overcome the disease itself - without harmful decongestants, chemicals or intranasal steroids.
  • Applying acupressure to the sinus pressure points relieves sinus headache in seconds.
  • Keeping the body hydrated by drinking the equivalent of 6-8 glasses of alkaline water daily (see topic under Alkaline Diet).

  • Drink several cups of ordinary hot tea daily while the headache lasts. Hot tea helps to thin the mucus and promotes drainage.
  • Steam inhalation (see topic under Sinus Infection Treatment for full details).
  • Nasal irrigation is an excellent way to clear the sinus passage and relieve the pressure causing your headache.
  • Eating spicy foods – Try eating a jalapeño pepper. This gets mucus flowing, ehich helps drain the sinus cavities and ease your headache.
  • Apply a paste of Cinnamon and water on the forehead and leave it on for an hour. This soothing balm eases pain for a few hours.
  • Sleep with a humidifier in the bedroom. Breathing moist air throughout the night promotes mucus drainage, thereby releasing pressure in the sinus cavities.
  • Hydrate your sinuses with a saline nasal spray several times a day.

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