Acupressure for Sinus

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Acupressure for Sinus - Overview

Applying acupressure to the sinus pressure points relieves congestion as well as a chronic sinus headaches within seconds… and without the use of drugs.

However, although this technique is extremely efficient, it does not treat the underlying disease.

And therein lies the danger.


Sinusitis Is Not a Disease To Be Trifled With

In his book, “Quick Headache Relief Without Drugs”, Howard D. Kurland, M.D describes meeting an American woman in Hong Kong who had been given regular acupuncture treatments for sinus.

The acupuncture almost completely alleviated her sinus headaches and she had been living virtually symptom-free for years.

This lady was convinced that her sinusitis was under control until an alert physician discovered that the disease had progressed to a life-threatening point.

Her bacterial sinus infection had almost completely eroded the sinus bone and was rapidly making its way to her brain.

Timely emergency neurosurgery and antibiotics saved her life.

I repeat…this disease should never be taken lightly.

Regardless of whether you use acupressure, acupuncture, or drugs to control the pain, if you suffer from sinusitis you should consult your health care provider on a regular basis – your sinusitis may or may not be dangerous, but why take unnecessary risks?


Practical Home Application

Although there are many different pressure point used by professional acupressure practitioners, the following sections describe a few carefully selected, less complicated, yet highly effective ways to apply this technique at home.

Many sufferers engage in a relentless
Internet hunt for effective remedies, and
this is where interactive websites and
forums, such as our own Pay It Forward
section, play an important part.


How to Locate the Sinus Pressure Points

The head:

  • Locate the small triangular indentation just above the bridge of the nose midway between the eyebrows; you'll find a bony ridge on either side.

    Apply firm pressure exactly in the middle of the indentation with the tip of your thumb while supporting the back of your head with the other hand.

    This helps to clear a stuffy nose and eases eye pain and eye fatigue.

    Maintain pressure for six to eight seconds. Repeat if necessary.

  • Run your index finger across both eyebrows. You'll find a small indentation in the bony ridge of your eye socket directly above your pupil when looking forward.

    Lace your fingers together, press inward with your hands while applying firm, simultaneous pressure with the tips of your thumbs exactly in the center of these notches.

    This relieves congestion in the frontal sinuses.

    Maintain pressure for six to eight seconds. Repeat if necessary.

  • Find the two indentations directly under the eye, located in the lower ridge of the eye socket in line with the pupils looking forward.

    Lower your laced hands and pivot your wrists so that your thumbs point downward toward the cheekbone. Press your hands inward and downward and apply firm simultaneous pressure to the center of these notches with the tips of your thumbs.

    Maintain pressure for six to eight seconds. Repeat if necessary

    This relieves pressure in the maxillary sinuses located in the cheekbones.

  • Lower your laced hands further and place the tip of your thumbs on either side of your nostril openings.

    Press inward and apply firm simultaneous pressure to these points with the tip of your thumbs for a count of 10.

    This relieves pressure in the maxillary sinuses even further.

The hands:

  • This point is located on the back of the hands.

    Feel between your thumb and index finger. Locate the point where the two bones meet.

    Apply pressure to the fleshy web just in front of this point. This eases frontal sinus pain. Maintain the pressure for six slow breaths.

    Apply pressure alternatively to both hands until your sinus headache eases.

The feet:

  • This point is located on the top of the foot between the big toe and the second toe.

    Run your finger towards the ankle and locate the point where the bones of the big toe and the second toe merge.

    Apply moderate pressure by running your fingers forward and backward from this junction, about an inch and a half toward the toes.

    Maintain this stimulation for about a minute on each foot to relieve sinus congestion. This treatment also eases sinus headaches and allergy symptoms.

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