My Girlfriend Cheated and Gave Me Genital Herpes

by Anonymous
(Somewhere in the world)

Hello, I recently tested positive for herpes 2. I contracted it from my now ex girlfriend who admitted to being unfaithful.

Is there anything I can do? I read about Kimberly having overcome both 1&2 on the Living With Herpes page, please help me. Thank you for your time.

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Hi (Anonymous)

Kimberly here from the Remedy-buster team.

We’re all terribly sorry to hear about your unfortunate situation - discovering that you’ve caught herpes simplex virus is traumatic enough, but finding out that you caught it from you trusted girlfriend is even worse.

The first thing you have to do is to come to terms with the fact that you now have an incurable disease.

The second thing is to seek help by contacting one of herpes support groups. Log in as soon as you can, and then start chatting back and forth with other sufferers about your problem.

But here’s the important part:

Go to the Dynamiclear order page by clicking on
this link and order a single application of Dynamiclear – I recommend the Dynamiclear Pump Bottle, and if you are in a hurry like I was, you can order the UPS Worldwide Express Saver option. (I got my supplies the following day, but a lot depends on where you live).

Once you receive the product, wait for the herpes sore to crust over. As soon as the scab has formed, follow the instructions and apply a single application to the infected area (watch out, it will sting at first), and then cover with a loose gauze dressing.

Do not apply a second application; the sore will disappear in two or three days.

This wonderful homeopathic product will not only clear up the infection, but it will also go to work on your immune system.

You may get one or two further outbreaks over the coming months, but after treating the sores with Dynamiclear, each succeeding outbreak will be milder - and then they should eventually disappear altogether once the homeopathic ingredients have done their work.

However, although Dynamiclear forces the herpes simplex virus into a dormant state, you will still be able to infect future partners if you have unprotected sex, especially during the viral shedding stage.

Read how I personally tackled the problem by clicking on the Cold Sore Home Remedy page.

By the way -- I have taken the liberty of publishing your request for help without revealing your name on our Pay It Forward page, together with a copy of this reply.

You will receive another follow-up e-mail as soon as your own dedicated page goes live on our site.

That way, other readers will be able to post personal remarks, support messages and advice directly onto your page.

Warm regards


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