Tonsillitis CURE!

by Rick
(Hobart Tasmania Australia)

Chronic tonsillitis so severe I was bedridden for a week or more each time the infection occurred.

Removal of my tonsils was the only solution doctor after doctor offered & I was afraid!

Desperation drives us to try NEW things outside our usual source of solutions.

Homeopathic Remedies were not new to me but I never thought they could be applied to something as severe as my tonsillitis infection, I was WRONG!

MERC BIN.IOD 3X is the name on the bottle I have in my medicine basket & have had for the last ten years.

The very next time I had an occurence after receiving the recommendation I obtained some & have NEVER suffered as I had in the past.

It did NOT cure it at first but it did cut the severity remarkably.

Each time I felt the first twinge of discomfort in my throat that I had come to recognize as tonsillitis I reached for the MERC BIN.IOD 3X & each subsequent occurrence was milder than the last.

After about the third mild occurrence it NEVER came back!

The bottle I have is the only bottle I ever purchased.

I am in no was affiliated just a grateful ex sufferer happy to pass on my experience & I hope it works for others as well as it has for me.
A far better cure than surgery !

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