Sinus Surgery Question

by Diane
(Harrisburg, Pa)

I have been referred to an ENT surgeon after a recent MRI with contrast showed the pains in my head could be caused by the inflammation in my sinus cavity and the detection of a polyp by the MRI.

I have been seeing an allergist for almost 2 years and get allergy injections every three weeks which at the beginning was every week. I am also on nasal sprays and take an allergy pill every morning.

My throat continually builds up mucus and it deepens my voice to the point where often I am taken as a male on the phone if I don't clear my throat first before speaking.

I am 70 years of age and have been through many surgeries and am fearful of having another. Might there be an alternative to surgery or is it best to have the polyp removed as soon as possible to avoid further pain head pains?

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