Sinus Headache Relief

by Johnny

Experiencing chronic sinus headaches is about as fun as having your eye slowly pulled out by a pair of rusty pliers and feels about the same.

My sinus headaches are always on one side only, the right, in the upper jaw and behind the eye, up into the eyebrow area. Pure hell. Usually happen during sleep and I wake up in pain. Once awake, that's it, no more sleep because of the horizontal blues, which means, laying down hurts your head.

Saline solution nasal spray, cold compresses (sometimes switching quickly from cold to hot) all help. Hot liquids, especially coffee. I think the caffeine really atarts circulation jamming, which, even though may make a headache throb more, helps alieviate the sinus pressure.

These things can help take a 10 headache down to a 5 or less for me, pain-wise. I can live with a 5, which is just about daily anyway.

When the pain gets to be totally unbearable (like this morning) I then go directly to my Vicodin. This I only do in extreme pain, so as not to become dependent. Then it's off to sleep and escape from the pain monster. Ahhhh...

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