Home Remedy Family Secrets

Home remedies usually tend to be handed down from generation to generation. In my family, there are some excellent, tried and tested remedies for illnesses.

Nighttime Cough

For instance, when you develop an irritant cough in the middle of the night, take one teaspoon full of honey, sprinkled with black pepper powder.

It works like magic and you can go back to bed and rest peacefully.

Sneezing and Flu

Another great tip is for that awful sneezing and flu that wouldn’t go away. Take a soluble calcium and vitamin C tablet and dissolve it in warm water.

Add a teaspoon of honey and two paracetamol tablets. Dissolve well and drink it before it gets cold. Your flu will disappear, as if by magic.

Infant Tummy Ache

If an infant cries and crunches his legs towards his stomach, that means he is having a tummy ache.

The best quick and way solution to this problem is to gently heat the baby's stomach. This can be done in a variety of ways, depending on what is available at the time.

A heating pad can be used on low heat to do so, but never on the naked belly.

If a heating pad is not available, you can iron a piece of cloth and then use the warm cloth to press the stomach gently. In olden times, people used to heat sand and then pour it in a cloth bag and use it as a compress compress to sooth.

Ear Ache

If your child is complaining of an ear ache, you can pour hot oil in his ear. It sounds scary and painful, but it isn’t.

Heat oil to a moderate temperature - preferably olive oil - and pour a few drops into the affected ear. Most of time, the pain is gone in a few hours and no medication is required.

Little remedies like these go a long way in providing instant cures. They save you the money and effort involved in doctor visits and best of all, they can be adapted instantaneously.

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